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my words

11th August 2010 (04:36)
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Hello friend <3

I post words and stories and life tales over here: Click me!
I've been trying to post over here more, or post at my Blogger and LJ concurrently, but I always find myself forgetting to update this one.
I still check here daily to read up on my e-buddies and artist-loves though! I may be too lazy to update LJ, but not to read it! And, as I usually do, I will probably return to this blog someday in the future. This journal has such history in it for me; I don't think I could quit it anytime soon.

I try to update my DA and FA as frequently as I crank out my sporadic arts, but I forget. All sketches, doodles, and polished pieces inevitable get dumped here: Draws.
I will still update my various other art sites, but I thought I'd toss this out to the universe in the meantime.

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And now for a strange story....

19th January 2010 (21:55)
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I haven't posted much about this here on LJ, but the last week has been a hard one for Ember (my parrot) and I. Ember, being the hoss little toot that he is, chewed up a lead bead and ingested the shards. He got the pieces lodged in his ventriculus and developed a near-fatal case of lead poisoning. Luckily for me, I have the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital right around the corner for my house, so he was in tremendous hands. I got to know the main exotics vet very well. Circumstances being what they were, we talked on the phone twice a day during his treatment in-house. Thankfully, and a FUCKING HUGE vet bill later, he's doing all better!

I took Ember into the clinic today for his final check-up, and everything is a-ok! He has successfully broken down and passed all the lead in his system, earning him the new moniker "the Plumbum Parrot".

And in other news, my bird secured me an epic job. My bird got me a job. And not just any college job. I just got through an e-conversation with the head veterinary technician here at the UGA Small Animal Teaching Hospital about working next fall in the exotics ward. That's what I want to DO IN LIFE: exotic animal medicine! My potential boss, Betsy, is a huge fan of Ember; when he was sick and infirmed, she was one of his primary care-givers and generally a huge fan of Little Toot. Ember, thank you for being such a cute, lovable, and charismatic bird-friend!

Last thing about Toot. He's receiving oral meds 2x a day, which usually winds up with him wrapped in a hand towel burrito-style to restrain the flappy wings...this occasionally causes him to bear a strange likeness to the Virgin Mary. These are strange times we're finding ourselves in...strange times.

Also, today I had two classes: in one we talked about antler growth for an hour, and in the other we talked about ticks for an hour. It was basically an awesome day.

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Festive felines

22nd December 2009 (08:44)
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I am working at the vet clinic again, which makes me more happy than I can say. However, I am sick and have been up since 3am, so I'm not feeling too incredibly joyful at the moment. I've been making lots of draws during my break. I don't know. I felt that that deserved being mentioned. The draws feel good. Kind of like 4 months of creativity finally flowing out of my mind and down through my fingers again.

I have a few photos from the last few days. I took a forest walk and did some mild, non-invasive managements in the backyard for the winter-resident and migrant songbirds. Photos of things, mostly forest-ey and bird-ey in nature.

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15th December 2009 (20:32)
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I'm done.
What a semester. I finished up at around 2pm today, then spent the rest of the day lazing around with Chris and Ember. We had micro adventures in the kitchen and around the apartments. I wanted to find a nice, big trumpet creeper pod today. I know they grow behind the apartment. I didn't have any luck, but by crazy happenstance I stumbled upon a large-ish snail! He is by no means large for what he is, but he towers over my other small snails that I took with me to Athens from my summer garden in Augusta. This guy was big and meaty and once he warmed up, he was moving everywhere. I let him crawl all over my face. It felt surprisingly nice.

Photos of snails and a brilliant parrot-man!Collapse )

It's only 8:30, but I think I'll go lay down. I've had so so many 5am mornings, and my brain is academically spent. I guess the holidays can officially start for me now.

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14th December 2009 (20:20)

[ feeling ]: tired

I found a thing, and it is interesting to me. Here. Muura had one and it was neat, so I made one too. Uhhhmm it's the eve before my last academic venture of 2009! Megan sent me a text saying that the final tomorrow isn't totally cumulative; just cumulative over the big things. UHHG YES. First one of four that HASN'T required me to know everything ever.

Today, for the first time in a couple weeks, I went out and did a fun, dirty activity. It has been SO SO long. In the last 2 weeks I have had 8 tests. 8 TESTS. This is ridiculous. I made a new life jar. The first moss jar I made had kind of faded, so I dumped it and started a new one. This time, instead of moss I used sorrels, wild ginger, and a teeeeeeny partridge berry vine. I found some monstrous snails, slugs, and millipods while I was out, so I tossed those in there as well. Unfortunately, I did this all in the rain, in my pajama pants, and with my 8" hunting knife. Pretty much the entire C Complex for some reason decided to come outside while I was digging through the clay with the knife. Classy.

The vet clinic never called me back today about working there, so I'm going to assume right now that work won't start on Wednesday and I can spend tomorrow celebrating the end of the semester instead of traveling home! Plans:
-eat weird rice flour biscuit sammiches while playing Pokemon Rumble with Chris
-adventure in the outdoors
-go see a movie maybe
-play MtG

Now to just get through tomorrow. My brain is so so spent. I was up at 5 this morning studying for my wildlife habitat management tired.

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salamander heads and cytoplasmic inclusions!

21st November 2009 (07:29)

I feel dumb using an Ambystomatid larva icon for this entry...I need a Desmog or at least a Plethodontid....

I started my thesis research on Thursday and I'm SO excited! I'm sampling local populations of Desmognathus salamanders for a blood parasite. The bacterial parasite isn't selective by sex and isn't habitat specific-mildly positive correlation with age though. It also doesn't hurt the 'manders at all! They're totally asymptomatic! So it's a weird little bug, and my mentor really wants to know more on it.

The first batch of D. ocoee arrived fresh and ready on Wednesday from Coweeta! The process was pretty bloody (we had so sacrifice them all to get enough blood). My partner set a lab record by extracting enough blood from a teeeeny little 'mander that only weighted 0.32g; less than a paperclip! Anyways, the exciting part was that we found the parasite in 30% of our sample group! The EVEN MORE exciting part?! It was a NEW SPECIES of parasite! I will be meeting with the vet school after Thanksgiving to brief them on my research and hopefully they will allow me to use their PCR equipment to figure out what this new bug is.

It's hard to believe that I started my college career drawing pictures, and now I'm in a lab discovering new species. I NEVER would have expected myself to be here. I'm still drawing pictures though when I can! Sadly, class has kind of got in the way of my fingerdraws :C I can't wait for this semester to be over so I can be creative again. Here's some stuff that has built up!


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4th November 2009 (06:54)

[ feeling ]: stressed

If you raise the handles on Toot's cage 90 degrees, the whole thing is reminiscent of a cis-alkene...which you obtain by treating an alkyne with hydrogen and a Lindlar's catalyst....

Chemistry...and chemicals....

I was DEAD tired and hoping to rest up before today's test, but it seems as though I have stressed myself awake at the lovely hour of 6:44am :C I guess now I can get more knowledge in the headmeat now. At around 9 tonight, I'm going to be stress-free! ...except for that hydrology test on Friday. Boo. Dismal.

I had a mini-meltdown last night due to severely unproductive study methods. Chris was lovely enough to tell me it will be okay, which it will. About a half hour later there was a surprise knock on the door! It was my Stinky Creature bringing me mind fuels to power through the night! And by mind fuels, I mean a hot and tasty Mexican mocha and a manicotti his muhmuh made. Ahhh ffffffffff my Creature is wonderfully delightful!

Now to further pursue a more highly educated state...OH. But I made out my schedule for next semester, and it will be:

Wildlife Diseases
Wildlife Nutrition and Physiology
Organic Chemistry II
Physics I

EXCITED about the first two! I know we'll be doing lots of necropsies!

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22nd October 2009 (11:30)

What a beautiful week we've had in Athens. It really feels like autumn here now. I'm a little envious of my northern buddies with their bright autumn tree-colors, but I know our time will come c: After the incredible workload of last week, I'm really loving the mellow pace that this week has. I can't believe it's already Thursday....

I'm going home tomorrow to see my family for the first time since August 10. This is the longest I've ever gone without seeing them! I guess it had to happen some time, but I didn't realize how sad it would feel at times. I find myself wanting to hug my mom more and more, which I generally don't seek out that often. I'm not sure what I'll do this weekend while I'm home, but it will probably involve Halloween decorations, hiking with Butter, a movie of some kind, and probably baking. Hopefully there will be some shopping too, because I need new pants in a not-so-serious way...I do want new pants though. I've been wearing Haley's for the last year and a half.

This morning I took a walk around the apartments and collected only red things. There are a surprisingly large amount hiding all over the place. Jenna's house has a niiiice sassafras tree next to it that had very cute red leaves, and there were some yaupon in the hedges by the road that I didn't know were there - BRIGHT red berries! I took my finds home and made some ephemeral autumn art in our kitchen!


Where red leaves sprout from bullet holes.Collapse )

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18th October 2009 (22:47)

[ feeling ]: unfocused

An hour ago I was finally in a productive mode, studying for my soils test tomorrow. Then my housemate knocked on my door to alert me that my tomatoes were in danger! We swooped outside and rescued them, plus my St. John's Wort, catnip, and struggling lavender plant which now mysteriously houses wood sorrels as well. Liz is totally awesome, but then I got sidetracked and ended up pampering everyone and giving them plant food sticks and fertilizer, and staking the tomato plants, and I even planted some watermelon because it seemed like the dumbest idea ever (so why not...?)! Now I'm sitting in front of my soils again....studying fertilizer after having just fertilized my indoor garden. Trying to focus again.....all I can think about are my plants. Gardening is so much fun, especially when it means I get to fill my house with more leaves :X I know the hydroponic garden will appreciate the plant-food-filled study break.

no it's not.

No one likes a liar, Fortune Cookie. It was 48 and raining and miserable all last week.

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17th October 2009 (11:02)

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[ feeling ]: homesick
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I miss my family :c Mom came to see me yesterday, and it was so so so nice. She was at a nursing convention at the Classic Center downtown, so I rode up to see her after my seed identification lab was done (which was awesome, btw). I swear it's completely uphill from Warnell to downtown. My ass hurts today from that grind! I got to sit in with her during a presentation about an online nursing program. It was HILARIOUS. The woman presenting was not a nurse; just some spokeswoman for the company, and she was showing how the site has video skill modules so that you can watch tutorials on how to do things. One situation:

Spokeswoman: "As you can see, we have many different video tutorials for the students! We can watch one so you can see what they're like. They're very informative! Which should we watch?"
Some weird nurse: "Urinary catheterization!"
Everyone: "NO!!!"

Then we went and talked to Chris' Pa over where my car was laying dormant. He got on the phone with the body shop and one hour later I had my car again!!! I've never been so pleased to be driving! This last week I've been riding my bike everyday, and it wass fabulous exercise and wonderful to get the fresh air, but it has also been in the 50s and raining just about everyday :CCC My quick dry clothes are very limited (and the winter ones are mostly at home), so I had to wear running shorts everyday, which was FREEZING. Plus, it was midterms week. It was awful. But I have an engine and climate control again now, so all is grand! It's a good thing too, because it's 48 and raining today. How miserable. GA has been getting so much rain; it's incredible. In soils/hydrology class, we were looking at the Oconee River's discharge over the last 60 days and it went from 38 cu m/sec. in August to 10,000 cu m/sec as of a couple days ago!!! So much for that drought! Our soils are going crazy though and still haven't recovered from the drought, so bad things are going on in the meantime. LOTS of flooding and erosion. /boring

How did I go from my mom visiting to GA soils? What the hell, Allie. Anyways, my Mom brought me a big pumpkin and some free swag she got at the nursing convention (which was mostly LOTS of hand sanitizer and first aid kits), which was awesome of her c: She got me this chip clips from the convention, and I was clicking them at Ember last night. He starting clicking back at them with the rhythm and bobbing his head. We had a mini castanet/headbang party for about 15 seconds. After mom left, I felt very homesick. She's cool, and I miss her and Dad and Butterscotch and Blair and Haley.... Siiiiiigh.

On a positive note, it's the weekend, dreary as it is! I made a small list of things to do, and hopefully I'll get some done:

-Where the Wild Things Are
-Rock climbing
-Walk through the woods and collect more plants and acorns and mushrooms
-Expand on my crocheting skills
-Draw more wolves
-Study soils at some point

That is all!

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